Robin Macy

robin_sideRobin Macy sings from her heart with original compositions inspired by the Kansas heartland.

Robin, with guitar-slinger husband Kentucky White, play roots music that harkens to an earlier time, influenced by their ongoing work at historic Bartlett Arboretum, the century-old bountiful patch of nature now listed on the National Registry. For over thirty years, Robin has traveled up and down highway I-35 performing bluegrass music with various groups – some more famous than others. Perhaps best known as founding member of the Dixie Chicks, Robin now pays homage to the Good Earth. Her three recordings beginning with the 2008 Songs from the Garden are anthems which celebrate the Agrarian life, featuring vintage instruments, other-era duets and lessons learned from loving and living on the land. Most recently, Robin and Kentucky have birthed a new recording of western-swing melodies, featuring old-fashion triad singing, powered by a crackerjack string band. Their self-titled Cherokee Maidens & Sycamore Swing is due out this autumn. Robin will be assisting her husband, Kenny White, throughout the day instructing Mandolin for American Folk and Bluegrass Band.


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