About Symphony in the Flint Hills

Music on the Prairie in Harmony With Nature

Symphony in the Flint Hills

Since its first Signature Event in 2006, Symphony in the Flint Hills (SFH) has earned a place as one of the state’s top cultural institutions. SFH is dedicated to creativity, artistic excellence and high aesthetic standards in all of its programs and initiatives — from its iconic prairie symphony concert to its Flint Hills Media Project, a collaboration with WSU’s Elliott School of Communication, to its Prairie Art Program, which showcases the Kansas prairie through the work of the region’s finest landscape artists. In pursuit of its mission to “heighten knowledge and appreciation of the tallgrass prairie, by providing opportunities to experience symphonic music and place-based education in the Kansas Flint Hills,” Symphony in the Flint Hills, Inc. has received numerous awards — including the 2006 Governor’s Tourism Award, 2010 Travel Industry of Kansas Award and 2013 Kansas Association of Broadcasters Award.

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